It happens every year.  We make resolutions we can’t keep, then we judge ourselves because of our failures! There’s a much easier way to effect change in our lives.   Instead of creating a resolution for the entire year and doom ourselves to failure, set one intention...

Dear Sweet People,

I thought you would so enjoy…this very personal and super fun travelogue (including photos) that Raun just sent to Samahria and me from Vietnam. Thank you Raun for continuing to bring the Son-Rise Program® to the world. Wow!!!  


SLOW LOGIC/FAST LOGIC (1, 2, 3, 4, 5…decide!)

Slow logic is taught throughout our educational system: Go from A to B to C to D - all the way to Z, and then decide. Seems reasonable, even smart. But all of us also have a well-flexed internal ability that I call fast logi...

Because we are attached to outcomes, many decisions seem to be emotionally weighty for us. Suppose I make the wrong move? Suppose I don't get what I want? Suppose someone judges me?

According to the theory of curved space, if you could split an atom and send each half...


That's you; that's me. The data suggests certain illnesses can't be reversed, that memory erodes as you age, that “addictions” are hard to break. Science, medicine, psychology, and sociology study what happens for most p...


Blue...color of strength?


The sky?

The the world?

What was your very, very first thought when you read those first three words (Little Boy Blue)? Your very first thought! It's beyond useful to pause and figure this out - it will tell you about...

UPHILL IS DOWNHILL when you know where you want to go.

Take this lake. It took hours of hiking, much of it uphill, to reach this destination. Although we had been here previously, many decades ago, after scrambling up the side of this mountain (with young children in to...

THEY said: He has Autism. We might be able to train him to do some simple self-help skills.

WE said: We want to show him a love he can understand.

THEY said: We might be able to teach him to listen to simple instructions and respond appropriately.

WE said: We want to c...

[Photo Notation: Photo on left is me with Ravi and Tayo as youngsters. Photo on right is Ravi and Tayo as adults. Wow - that’s my comment as I look at these pictures.]

I held them gently for a moment in time.


Two of my six children: one who had barely survived hi...

Some of us think we can do two or three different activities at a time.

Actually, we flip-flop our attention: Four seconds on the phone, three seconds for my child, then back to the phone.

Nothing (that's ZERO) gets my full, continuous attention or expertise.

Result: A...

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